Who doesn’t want to explore the mysteries of life and the universe? As a small group of people who are struck with wonderment at the ability of humans to go beyond their brief of merely surviving on this planet and question their place in this infinite universe, we’ve launched Questudy to celebrate science and research. It’ll be just about everything – from atoms to black holes to possibilities of alien life existing in distant worlds.

Questudy features latest discoveries in science by top universities, colleges and other institutes in around the globe. We bring you profiles of researchers and take an in-depth look at institutes of higher education to blogs, videos, research news and career and educational opportunities in science.

The people behind this initiative are A Banerjee, a journalist who has worked in some of India’s top newspapers and magazines, covering the education beat for more than 13 years. Dr Sumita Banerjee, a PhD scholar from Panjab University and Ilina Banerjee, a postgraduate from Panjab University and a human rights campaigner are our consultants. Young Arjun Banerjee, a Class 10 student brings us valuable inputs on what school students would want to know and understand about science when making a career choice.

You, dear reader, are also valuable to us so do write in if you think you have something valuable to contribute to Questudy. Do also give us feedback on how we can improve the site.

Thank you.

A Banerjee

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