• May 13th, 2019

IIT Madras placements: 1,146 job offers hit an all-time “high”

The Joint Entrance Examination (JEE) Main results for Indian technological institutes were out recently, the toughest perhaps after JEE (advanced) through which students can get into our famed Indian Institutes of Technology (IITs). Who doesn’t want to join IITs? You are, after all, fulfilling one of the most cherished dreams of a parent on this dharti (earth), that of becoming an engineer. Nothing could be better than that (just kidding!), at least for those with the aptitude for engineering.

Was just reading this news from IIT-Madras (IITM) campus placements that took place by the end of April, which according to the institute touched an ‘all-time high,’ with offers coming from top players such as Microsoft, Qualcomm and Goldman Sachs.

Incidentally, there’s no mention of packages. The IITs have a policy in place to not mention the packages offered and that’s somewhat sad because we love to hear about the monies – imagine getting a crore-plus package when you’re just starting your career. What on earth do you do with that at such a young age?

Anyway, back to the placement figures at IIT – M – which increased by 15% this year as 964 students were placed, including 97 students through pre-placement offers in top Indian and international companies.

The placements were conducted in two phases, with phase-1 held in December last year and the second one in the second half of January 2019, to be completed end of April.

Last year 834 students (including PPOs) were placed as compared to this year’s 964, which translates to a 15% increase in placements.

IIT Madras students received 1,146 offers (including 136 PPOs), an all-time high from 298 companies that had registered for placements for 2018-19. This ncluded 21 International offers.

The top five recruiters for the year were:

  • Micron – 26 offers
  • Intel India Technology Pvt. Ltd – 26 offers
  • Citibank – 23 offers
  • Microsoft – 22 offers
  • Qualcomm – 21 offers

About 51 startups also participated in the placements this year, making 121 offers, of which 97 were accepted. The leading sectors in startup recruitment were IT (21 %) followed by Analytics (16 %). Prof Manu Santhanam, adviser, training and placement, IIT-M has said, “This year saw a large number of profiles from companies in the data sciences and analytics sector, which clearly depicts the current industry trends. As many as 59 offers were explicitly for data science positions. Our post-graduate placement record also continues to be excellent, with a total of 364 students getting placed (excluding MBA) as against 274 last year.”

According to an IIT-M press release, overall trends in sector-wise recruitment indicated that ‘core’ and ‘information technology’ sectors still constituted the leading recruiters. This year also marked the first time that all leading consulting majors were on campus for recruitment, added to the return of Google on campus.

So why am I blogging on this? Any of you exploring research or higher studies options: data sciences and analytics are what you should go for. IT of course has always been a favoured career option. You can’t go wrong with that.


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